Is scotch tape removable?

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The answer is YES!

Sellotapes, Scotch tapes, these pressure-sensitive adhesives to “repair” paper, are part of numerous artefacts from documentary heritage in the need to be preserved. We owe Mr. Richard Drew this fabulous invention in 1925 (or 1930?).
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Fat stains and oxidation of tape strips Fat stains and oxidation of tape strips Slipping sellotape and dirt from... a dark wool pullover? Slipping sellotape and dirt from... a dark wool pullover?Print with fatty stains and wrinkles due to sellotape (after/before) Folded plan with the reflected stain on the opposite side   Plan with tear caused while unfolding it, due to the other tear "repared" with tape

Removing tape from a hand-colored diazotype Removing tape from a hand-colored diazotype