Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper (2016)

>Inpainting & Loss Compensation 

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Dates: December, 19-21th 2016 (18,5 hours).
Language: English.
Teachers: Amparo Escolano, Rita Udina.
Venue: Premià de Mar (Barcelona, Spain).
Program: Download it here.
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First edition (2016)
Participants of the conservation course “Inpainting and Loss Compensation on Paper”. From left to right (first top, then bottom): Chanaka Perera (Qatar National Library); Kate Chan (Hong Kong), Amparo Escolano (South Florida Art Conservation), Alexandra Nederlof (RijksMuseum, Netherlands), Orsolya Zelenák (Hungarian National Gallery), Arantxa Blat (Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar), Chiara Fornaciari (Vatican Museum), Nina Hesselberg-Wang (National Library of Norway), Küllike Pihkva (National Archive of Estonia), Daniel Gillberg (Oslo Conservation Studio, Norway), Eugènia Piferrer & Rita Udina (Rita Udina’s studio).

Daniel Gillberg, Chanaka Perera and Amparo Escolano Solka-Floc (microcristalline cellulose powder)  Orsolya Zelenák (Hungarian National Gallery), Nina Hesselberg-Wang (National Library of Norway). moulding textures Kate Chan (Hong Kong), Chiara Fornaciari (Vatican Museum). matting agents the class moulding the texture of a cloth binding. Arantxa Blat (Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar); Küllike Pihkva (National Archive of Estonia); Orsolya Zelenák (Hungarian National Gallery); Kate Chan (Hong Kong). Pulp samples for leafcasting infilling Kate Chan and Alexandra Nederlof (Rijksmuseum)
 Daniel Gillberg (Oslo Conservation Studio, Norway). Daniel Gillberg (Oslo Conservation Studio, Norway) and Chanaka Perera (Qatar National Library).



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