Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper (Barcelona, December 2017)

Inpainting & Loss Compensation

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Dates: December, 18-20th, 2017 (20 hours).
Language: English.
Teachers: Amparo Escolano, Rita Udina.
Venue: Premià de Mar (Barcelona, Spain).
Program: Download it here.
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From left to right: Rita Udina, Katie Wood (International Conservation Services, Australia), Joan Samuels (Fabian Restauratoren, Switzerland), Ágnes Nemes (National Archive, Hungary), Nico Lingbeek (Lingbeek Papierrrestauratie, Netherlands), Amparo Escolano (South Florida Art Conservation, USA), Paulina Kralka (Polland) and Kristina Lukoseviciene (National Library, Lithuania).
Not in the image: Manuela Belli (Italy); Laura Chignoli (Italy); Isabelle Egan (Book & Paper Gathering, United Kingdom), Jillian Gregory (Bethlem Museum, United Kingdom).

Isabelle Egan, Jillian Gregory, Ágnes Nemes, Paulina Kralka, Laura Chignoli Manuela Belli, Laura Chignoli Theory class Paulina, Ágnes, Kristina and Amparo, toasting micro powdered cellulose Jillian, Ágnes and Laura Katie Wood and Joan Samuels
Kristina Lukoseviciene and Jillian Gregory Ágnes Nemes (and Jillian Gregory)


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