Paperback books restoration. Scouting library

  • Owner: Youth Documentary Center – Direcció General de Joventut. Generalitat de Catalunya (catalan government).
  • Artefact: Joan Ballester Collection, paperback books about boy-scouts movement (s.XIX-XX).
  • Damages: Broken spines, loose leaves and covers. Other damages due to use and age.
  • Intervention: Reinforcing structural damages. Cleaning and deacidification of covers. Restitution of broken sewings.
  • Restorers: Laura Corso, Rita Udina.

(castellano / català)

Abans (esquerra) / Després (dreta)

Left: Before restoration. Loose covers due to spine failure.  Right: after restoration.

Restauració de les enquadernacions

Left: Paper covers during wet cleaning and deacidification. Right: Covers after sizing and mending.

Restauració d'enquadernacions de butxaca

Left: Books with reinforced sewing and new hollow-back support. Right: mounting the book on the restored covers.

Fulletó imprès en paper couché. Taques grasses de tires autoadhesives

Before restoration the central scotch tape tensions the document impeding its natural hydration and forming wrinkles al along. After removingsellotapes the paper expands and contracts in a homogeneous manner, without wrinkles.
Brochure printed on coated paper. Digital photomontage (before / after).