Hands on paper conservation, for Christmas!


This year we give you Christmas greetings more lovingly than ever, if possible. We seek to shorten distances and keep in touch. And as for touch, that one of these hands that restore book and paper for you, representing the very essence of a manual work.

The hands in the image belong to artwork restored at the studio. You’ll find hands by Dürer, Picasso, Dalí, Goya, Tàpies, Chéret, R. Casas, R. Opisso, Ponç, G. Galí, R. Estrany, J. Llongueras, Maside, Ricardo AiA, Fabian, J. Acosta, incunabula hands, watermark hands, hands putting the finger on the sore spot, dancing hands, fighting, claiming, working, smoking, strangling,  inflammatory hands and blooming hands. Hands in parchment, paper, printed, drawn in ball-point pen, etching, iron-gall ink, felt-tip pen, watercolour, pencil, charcoal, litography, painted on gouache… 

Can you find them all? There’s a prize for the one who recognizes more of their authors! (*)

Merry Christmas to you all!

hands restoring book and paper artefacts

Image of the hands that restore: Pep Soler.
Greeting’s text: Eulàlia Armengol.
The collage and the video were created by these hands.
Music: We three kings, R.Tists For Christmas.

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(*) Prize conditions:

  • The prize consists on an apron frm the studio, that you can use to restore or to cook as well, now that we spend so much time at home, and a pair of Escoda Brushes, that you can use as well during lockdown if not for conservation.
    Si ho vols també et farem una visita al taller… amb totes les mesures de seguretat.
  • The prize is for the one who has more guesses regarding the authors of the hands, and if there is more than one, for the first one.
  • The same rights are for participants on  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or this blog, and the priority is the amount of matches and the cronological order of the highest amount of matches.
  • You can give your answers commenting on this blog post or aslo ont these Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts, with the hashtag #ConservatorHandsOn. Submissions via e-mail, whatsapp, phone or other shall not be valid.
    To comment on this blog you don’t need to register anywhere, but an e-mail is needed, which shall not be public, and we will only use to inform the winner.
  • The photograph of the two hands on the very left of the Christmas card is done by Pep Soler, and since I have just revealed their author, these shall not count on the contest.On the video there are less hands than in the static image, so if you want to win take a good look at it and usethese numbers to refer to them:
    hands that restore book and paper artefacts
  • The deadline is January 15th, 2021 (included).
  • The prize shall be sent via post, as long as we have the right contact details, or the winner can come and pick it at the studio.

15 thoughts on “Hands on paper conservation, for Christmas!

  1. What would you say if I’d ask… name and ID card number of these hands’ owners? the ones of the image, in the cave of Hands, Patagonia (Argentina)

    Cave of hands

    Such as your contest! Impossible!!! Nor for superspecialists.
    Please do the favour to lower the level!!!
    Since I am a practical man I went to get my own apron in my neighbourhood’s groceries shop.

    Aurelio Buendia

    • Mr. Buendia,

      Do not exagerate! One guess is enough to participate, and to win as well.

      I already gave your coleague a full list of the hands’ authors in the catalan version, and now I tell you that a hint was given yestarday on instagram:
      One of the hands is very white because it had been bleached through light bleaching at the studio (and it is one pf the projects on this blog).

      Hand number 14 has been widely commented and discussed in this blog too, either as a post and as project., and it’s not the only one!

      There an advanced search tool that you can use on this website, you can scan it from top to bottom.
      Shall I give you no more hints or it would not be fair.

      Come on, make a bit of an effort and participate!

      Thank you

  2. Mrs. Udina,

    Knowing that my prestige cannot go further below, and that I am already doing a major spectacle, it’s not at all a problem for me to expose myself.
    Here’s the result of so many years of studies and formation at the public school:

    Goya………………….. 1
    Rafael Estrany…….. 2
    Josep Ponç…………. 4
    Jules Chèret………… 8
    G. Galí………………… 9
    Joan Llongueres…..24

    Not a neurone left in my brain afer this.
    I am looking forward to fail the exam and repeat it again with you, with so much interest.

  3. Dear Ms. Udina,

    I have enjoyed your difficult puzzle, but I must admit defeat! Fingers crossed.

    Francisco Goya
    Jules Chéret
    Albrecht Dürer
    J. Ponç
    G. Galí
    Albrecht Dürer
    Rafael Estrany
    Albrecht Dürer
    Joan Llongueras
    Juan José Acosta
    Ricardo AiA
    Ramon Casas
    Antoni Tàpies
    Ricard Opisso
    Francisco Goya
    Pablo Picasso
    Salvador Dalí
    Albrecht Dürer

    I wish you and your team a happy and healthy new year!

    • Great!!!!
      Thanks a lot for participating! 🙂
      I only need that you mention which hand your answer refers to, by stating a number next to each name (similarly to the previous comment).
      There are 26 hands in the greetings card, and 20 names in your answer, so I cannot really assume it’s 1 to 20.
      Let me remind you that I myself do not know all the authors and here’s the numbers you should use:
      number of the hands

      There’s no defeat at all, no worries!

      Thanks again, and looking forward to your complete answer to count you in the contest!

      PS: I took the liberty to translate your comment in the Spanish and Catalan version of the blog.

      • [*has] Luckily I have saved them in a Word document. I think this might be the trouble as well? I copied my answers from this document (using number-dot-space-artist). Maybe when I pasted it, WordPress thought it was auto formatting and deleted the numbers after I pressed send?

        Anyway, here is my second attempt. If the numbers disappear again I will send a copy-screen via Instagram. However, I have changed the layout so it should be fine. Fingers crossed!

        Francisco Goya (1)
        Jules Chéret (2)
        Albrecht Dürer (3)
        J. Ponç (4)
        G. Galí (5)
        Albrecht Dürer (6)
        Rafael Estrany (7)
        Maside (8)
        Albrecht Dürer (9)
        Joan Llongueras (11)
        Juan José Acosta (12)
        Ricardo AiA (14)
        Fabian (15)
        Ramon Casas (17)
        Antoni Tàpies (18)
        Ricard Opisso (19)
        Francisco Goya (20)
        Pablo Picasso (21)
        Salvador Dalí (24)
        Albrecht Dürer (25)

        Thank you again! Have a nice night.

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