How should I proceed in conservation treatments?

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Dear reader,

It is probable that after reading any of the blog posts some questions regarding conservation of paper and books arise. I thank you for your interest in this blog and also for sharing your doubts with me, which is very flattering.

If I may not have replied your questions with the expected detail is because the blog doesn’t intend to be an online service to assess on conservation treatments, and here are the reasons why:

  • Giving advise about objects which are not seen directly is quite a risky and hazardous thing to do. Not only for the lack of information of the object itself, but also because in order to give a good assestment the knowledge and resources of the person who asks, needs to be known too. Otherwise the advise can be misunderstood, result unfruitful or even harmful for the object. Let’s not forget the most unfortunate case of Ecce Homo from Borja: we must put heritage conservation in its own right place, which is not handcrafts or magic recipes.
  • The popularity of the blog involves that I receive a large number of questions, to which I cannot unfortunately reply with the zeal and professionality that a conservation treatment demands.
    My professional activity is in the private practice, and the provided information on the blog should be understood as a free resource which I gladly share, and which brings me back beneffits too, even if not tangible. Take what you think is useful and understand that it is a limited resource: it doesn’t have to fullfill particular needs neither it obliges me to extend or detail the given information. I try to reply promptly to all comments on the blog posts, because I value discussion and debate, but it never meant to go beyond that: discussion and debate. The goal of the blog is not to become a customized assesstment nor training, neither to make public every detail of the conservation treatments that are explained.
  • Are you doing a thesis, research or project? And you thought of asking me first to get a general approach or main literature and paper references. I am glad to help in any research project, but please contact me only after you have done the first scan. Internet has plenty of papers, go to a library, read the main references and once you have precise doubts about a particular topic from which you’ve read a bit, I am happy to contrast your hypothesis with my experience, but please don’t ask me to do the initial research of your thesis.

If you need assesstment I can gladly make an estimate for it, according to your particular case.
Either you can join any of the scheduled courses, presencial is always the best.
Or maybe your quuestion is already answered in any other of the posts, be sure that you dind’t skip it in the advanced search.
However, the most convenient is that you hire the services of a professional conservator: look for the closest one and ask for advise.
Thanks a lot for your understanding, and the interest in this blog.

Paper & Books conservator Rita Udina (photo by Eva Guillamet)

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