Christmas at my restoration studio


I like Christmas.

It does’nt depress me, nor I say it’s an excuse for consumism, nor I abomine family meals. It is time to share with the beloved ones, and as my job is one of my pleasures, I usually make a Christmas card to celebrate the magic of these days with customers and acquaintances. I like to include the most enjoyed projects of each year, which is always so difficult to choose!

2016 2015-nadal-arxius-llibres-restauracioChristmas 2014: Colorful year, plenty of projectsNavidad 2013: La restauradora y sus amigos bibliófagos os desean felices fiestas Navidad 2012: Aguinaldo de la restauradora Navidad 2011: ¡Hemos restaurado Cataluña! Navidad 2010: Recuperemos el pasado Navidad 2007: tres reyes de oriente sobre protocolo notarial manuscrito Navidad 2009: Limpiamos, reintegramos, recuperamos, conservamos y restaurarmos... los planos de Cerdà Navidad 2008: ¡Restaura la Navidad!