Book and binding conservation


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Possible interventions:

  • Complete conservation (disassembling, cleaning leaves, covers conservation, binding).
  • Partial conservation (conservation of the binding and most damaged leaves).
  • Others: Intermediate options are available according to the needs of the object.

Type of books:

  • Limp vellum bindings.
  • Leather bindings, on woodboard or cardboards.
  • Cloth bindings, paperback, case-bound…
  • Special bindings (albums, oversized…).
  • Contemporary bindings (wire…)

 Full leather on wooden boards, brass clasps and bosses  Oversized books consolidation of broken spines Corners consolidation Flattening under tensionBroken sewings Paperback bindings  stains and damages Spine and back-cover Limp vellum binding with flap, before and after conservation Conservation of renaissance bookbinding full leather on wooden boards Bronze locks before (left) and after (right) the conservation treatment Limp vellum binding with flap, conservation treatment (before and after)

Some projects of books and bindings conservation (see published projects):

  • Conservation of bound manuscripts (11th – 15th centuries) proceeding from several archives of Catalonia: Arxiu Comarcal de la Segarra, del Bages, del Ripollès, Girona, Vallès Oriental, de l’Alt Empordà, de la Garrotxa, among others.
  • Conservation of a 16th century score, with renaissance binding on reverse leather and manuscripted leaves on iron-gall ink. It belongs to the Documentation Center of the Catalan Orpheon – Palau de la Música (Barcelona).
  • Conservation of codex with manuscripted parchment leaves, leather binding and wood covers (Arxiu Comarcal de les Terres de l’Ebre, Arxiu Comarcal d’Osona, bibliophile and private collectors).
  • Conservation of incunabula and renaissance printed books with parchment or board binding (Alcón Cusí Museum, from Royal Academy of Catalan Pharmacy; Library of Military Culture and History Center, Granollers Museum, among others).
  • Conservation of a manuscripted and illuminated Coran from Kabul, Afganistan. Barcelona Ethnological Museum.
  • Conservation of 19th century photographic albums. Leather bound albums with metal bosses and other decorative elements. Photographic Archive of Barcelona, Library-Museum of Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona), private collectors.
  • Conservation of oversized books and bindings with special features, such as collection of fabric samples (Museo de Historia de Sabadell, Museo de la Estampación de Premià de Mar, Barcelona), an  oversized velvet book, with etchings  and plans (Centro de Cultura e Historia Militar), folders for plans (Colegio de Arquitectos de Cataluña , Museo de Historia de Barcelona).
  • Restauración de encuadernaciones de todo tipo de épocas más recientes (s. XVIII – XXI) : en tela y media tela, en piel, en pergamino, en papel, encuadernaciones en espiral metálica de principios de siglo XX. Archivo Histórico de la Ciudad de Barcelona, Museo de Historia de la Ciudad, Colegio de Arquitectos de Cataluña y varios archivos municipales, entre otros).