I am doing a research on book and paper conservation

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Are you doing a thesis, survey or research project? And you thought of asking me first to get a general approach or main literature and paper references.
I am glad to help in any research project. Call me once you have read the main references and only if you have precise doubts about a particular topic from which you are familiar after doing some research, I am happy to contrast your hypothesis with my experience, but please don’t ask me to do the initial research of your thesis.

I shall always attend at least one phone call. I do not attend these type of requests via whatsapp or messenger chats, nor facebook or Instagram direct messages. So make the best of it and think of your question in advance. The more precise and well informed is your question, the more detailed and fruitful my answer will be.

I shall reply in any case, and yet I can only recall a few cases in which I was given the outcome of such research in return. Make the world a better place and increase this ratio for the sake of your future professional colleagues. My experience sharing information on blog posts, papers and lectures is that it does not cause any health hazards nor jeopardizes your professional carreer, on the contrary.

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