Papers at the balcony: Lecture about Impregnated Tracing Paper


  • Beneficiary: Universidad de Granada, La Madraza (Spain).
  • Organization: Prof. Teresa Espejo, from University of Granada (Spain).
  • Lecture: Calcos y transparencias, papeles para copiar (Tracing paper, copying papers). Conservation of impregnated tracing from the colection of CoAC (Architects Association). Within the the conferences Papeles en el balcón (“Papers at the balcony”).
  • Speaker: Rita Udina.
  • Venue:  University of Granada YouTube Channel.
  • Fee: Free entrance.
  • Date: April 21st, 2020, at 11h.
  • Otros enlaces: Blog post, La Madraza anouncementUniversity of Granada YouTube Channel.

Conferencias online Papeles en el balcón, sobre restauración de papel, universidad de granada

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