Conservation of Dioscorides Anazarbus


  • Owner: Alcon-Cusí Museum (Royal Academy of Pharmacy of Catalonia).
  • Object: Disocorides Anazarbus by Dr. Laguna (1555). Spanish leather bound book. Marbled endpapers and painted edges. Gilded spine with leather label. 
  • Damages: Cracks on the spine, loss on the spine head and tail and corners. There are tears on the leafs, tide-lines, oxidation due to tapes. Tapes and other former repairs.
  • Conservatio treatment: Removal of additions (reinforcements, tapes, varnish and further stuff), stain removal from pages, tears and fragile areas consolidation, infilling of leather losses on the spine.  Read more about the former conservation treatments this book as undergone.
  • Conservators: Marina Carbonell, Rita Udina.

 The book remains opened due to the tension on the spine Detail of the varnish
Removal of old repairs and tide-lines from the edges
Varnish removal (spine)Marbled endleafs, reinforcement with Kraft paper and conservation reportDetail of the varnishAfter the 1980 treatmentAfter the 2011 treatment