Conservation of sketches on pencil and watercolour


  • OwnerAssociation of Architects of Catalonia (CoAC).
  • Object: Drawings on pencil and watercolour of the romanesque monastery of Sant Pere de Roda (Girona, Spain).
  • Author: Architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner.
  • Date: 1905
  • Damages: Folds, light foxing, tears.
  • Conservation treatment: Wet cleaning and deacidification, consolidation, flattening..
  • Exhibited at: El traç. El dibuix com a eina del coneixement. Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc i Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona).

Dibuixos Sant Pere de Roda de Domènech i Montaner Dibuixos Sant Pere de Roda de Domènech i Montaner

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