Conservation of leather binding with an iron lock


  • Owner: Association of Architects of Catalonia (CoAC).
  • Object: Bound manuscript with inlaid lock. Full leather renaissance binding with brass bosses and clasps, and an iron lock on both covers. It has blind tooling decoration (rectangles and flowers). Laid paper pages. It is a register of the builders working by that time in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).
  • Date: 1766.
  • Damages: Breakage of the front cover, which was loose. Broken thongs and other minor damages.
  • Conservation treatment: Consolidació de l’estructura (cobertes soltes, nervis trencats), neteja de l’enquadernació, desencallat del pany, i tractament dels elements metàl·lics. Neteja en sec dels fulls, i consolidació dels fulls més malmesos.
  • Conservators: Rita Udina.

Read the POST of this project if you feel like knowing more.

Guarda amb estampa de Sant Antoni, a la coberta posterior, cobrint el pany.

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