Conservation of medieval manuscripts on rag paper


  • Owner: Regional Archive of Baix Ebre (Tortosa, Tarragona, Spain).
  • Artefact: Two medieval manuscripts on rag paper and limp vellum binding. The sewing thread is made of rolled parchment,  sewn  with independent knots onto inner parchment stays. One of them onto outer leather tackets as well (see video below, although there is almost no trace of the leather support).
  • Date: Dated 1356 and 1369.
  • Damages: Paper and parchment is seriously woodorm eaten. Covers are wrinkled, sewing is partially broken and folios have tide lines and mould stains.
  • Conservation treatment: We are working on it! By now Se Hee  and Maria are reporting the location of each fragmented piece of paper. After tjat, they leaf-casting the papers with paper pulp.
  • Conservators: Maria Correa, Se Hee Song, Rita Udina.
  • Other liks: Facebook album and Instagram. Read the POST of this project if you want to see two medieval angels jumping happy as Larry.

restauradors recomponent manuscrit medieval de paper de draps

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🇬🇧 Examining #14thcentury ⏳ #manuscripts for #conservation treatment. Or examining what's left of them, since #woodworm have eaten a great deal of it! They have a simple and beautiful #limpvellumbinding and the signatures are sewn on #parchment . . 🇪🇸 Examinando #manuscritos del #sigloXIV ⏳ para su #conservaciónyrestauración . Bueno, lo que queda, poque los #anóbidos se los han merendado ya en gran parte! Tienen una preciosa y simple #encuadernaciónflexible en #pergamino, cosida sobre refuerzos de piel. . CAT. Examinant #manuscrits del #segleXIV⏳ per a la seva #conservacióirestauració . O el què en resta, perquè els #corcs se n'han menjat ja una bona part! Tenen una preciosa i senzilla #enquadernacióflexible amb els quaderns cosits sobre reforços de #pergamí . . . #bookstagram #encuadernacionflexible #archivohistorico #arxiuhistoric #arxiuscomarcals #arxiuhistòric #historicalarchive #restauracióndelibros #restauraciódellibres #bookconservation #restauraciondelibros

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