Conservation of oversized Adami drawings from Musée Jean Cocteau


  • Owner: Jean Cocteau Museum (Menton, France).
  • Object: Adami sketches, three oversized drawings on Canson-type paper and caseine media. Measures: 200 x 150 cm.
  • Author: Valerio Adami.
  • Date: 1992.
  • Damages: Cockling and stains due to a flood.
  • Conservation treatment: Wet cleaning (slanted capillary washing with Paraprint OL), flattening, consolidation and new conservation mounting.
  • Conservators: Project lead by Silvia Brunetti, at her paper conservation lab in Avignon (France). Olivier Masson, Antonio Taormina & Rita Udina, collaborators.

Oversized paper conservation: Wet cleaning by slanted capillary wash

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