Lecture: ‘Removal of PET plastic film from a laminated manuscript’ (SERCA, Atlanta)


  • Owner: Private collection
  • Object: Laminated historical manuscript related to the trams strike in Barcelona in 1951.
  • Damages: Failure of the plasticizing process with severe damage: folds that have been melted to each other in some spots (preventing the document from unfolding). Losses due to burning.
  • Conservation treatment: Removal of the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic film, washing, consolidation (mending tears, infilling losses) and flattening.
  • Conservators: Rita Udina.
  • Presentation: this conservation treatmenr was presented at the SERCA annual meeting (Atlanta, Georgia, EE.UU): Challenges encountered with adhesives and stain removal (march 3d, 2017). Take a look at the facebook album to know more about the event! But if you want to know all about it in detail, read the POST.