Gouache on paper, painting by Joan Ponç

Owner: Private collection. Object: “Gran Pastoral”, gouache on paper, 83 x 112 cm. Author: Joan Ponç, 1948. Damages: The artwork was lined on a Kraft paper with tapes and synthetic adhesives. It had losses and tears, and remarkable oxidation damage. The … Continue reading

Inpainting and loss compensation on paper conservation (Amsterdam, 2017)

COURSES > Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation   Event: Inpainting and loss compensation on paper conservation. Project: Workshop with theoretic and practical sessions. Dates: October 24-26th, 2017. Teachers: Amparo Escolano, Rita Udina. Program: See detailed information here. Language: English. Organization: Restauratoren Nederland. Venue: Amsterdam (Netherlands). Audience: Professional paper … Continue reading

RECH 4 – Retouch in Cultural Heritage

Event: RECH 4 – REtouch in Cultural Heritage Speech: The Suitability of Powdered Micro-Cellulose for its Use in Paper Conservation. RECH4 postprints pp. 55-64. Split, Croatia. October 2017. Authors: Rita Udina & Amparo Escolano. Organization:RECH – Retouch in Cultural Heritage. Venue: University of Split (Croatia). … Continue reading

Limp vellum binding conservation

Owner: Private collection. Artefact: Semi limp vellum binding (semi because the cardboards inside the covers provide it a certain body, even if they are not pasted onto the parchment). 17th-18th century. Printed book. Damages: Parchment loss on the spine, locks … Continue reading