Course: Conservation and repair of damaged books

COURSES > Conservation and Repair of Damaged Books Course: Conservation and repair of damaged books. Duration: Workshop with 3 theoretic and practical sessions (12 hours) Organization: Barcelona Libraries. Venue: Library Montserrat Abelló (Barcelona, Spain). Language: Catalan. Date: November 15, 22nd and December … Continue reading

Exhibition “Art and Heritage: Preserving History”

Event: 20th Paper and Board Fair Project: Exhibition Art and Heritage: Preserving History. Texts, photographs and illustrations. Graphic design by Altaveu Creatiu. Organization: Sarrià de Ter City Hall (Sarrià de Ter, Girona, SPAIN). Program: See complete data here or download it. Venue: Hall … Continue reading

Lecture: “Diving in wet treatments”

Event: Technical conference Re-En-Papelamos (I). The purpose of wet treatments in conservation. Lecture: Diving in wet treatments (“En restauración de papel, nos mojamos”). Organization: Emma Sánchez, equip de l’IPCE (Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España). Venue: Institute for Cultural Heritage in Spain (Instituto del Patrimonio … Continue reading

20th anniversary of the conservation laboratory CRAI-UB

Event: 20th anniversary of the conservation laboratory from CRAI, University of Barcelona. Speech: From the master to the apprentice, an unfinished training. Organization: Centre de Recerca per a l’Aprenentatge i la Investigació de la Universitat de Barcelona (CRAI, UB). Venue: Chemistry and Physics … Continue reading

Cores Symposium: Reversible vs Irreversible

Event: Cores Symposium. Dilemmas: Between cherishing damage and cleaning up this mess. Restorers, collection managers and researchers on conservation and restoration. Lecture: Reversible vs Irreversible. Organization: Syntrawest, Vlaanderen Departement Cultuur, Jeugd en media Venue: State Archives, Brugge (Belgium). Audience: Paper conservators, curators, historians, librarians, archivists. … Continue reading

Inpainting and loss compensation on paper conservation (Paris, 2018)

COURSES > Inpainting & Loss Compensation on Paper Conservation Event: Inpainting and loss compensation on paper conservation (Restauration des arts graphiques: Comblement des lacunes et retouches). Project: Workshop with theoretic and practical sessions. Organization: Institut National du Patrimoine (INP) Venue: Auverbilliers, Paris (France). Program: See … Continue reading