ICPWH (Sarajevo): A possible solution for paperback bindings

Event: First International Conference on Preservation of the Written Heritage. Lecture: A possible solution for paperback bindings. Organization: Gazi Husrev-bey’s Library, Sarajevo (Bosnia i Hercegovina). Venue: National Library of Bosnia (Gazi Husrev-begova Biblioteka). Audience: Book and paper conservators, librarians, historians, … Continue reading

Conservation of incunabula books from Public Library Carles Rahola

Owner: Public Library Carles Rahola (Girona, Spain). Object: 23 Incunabula books, with limp and semi-limp vellum bindings, as well as some full leather on board bindings. Date: 1493-1500. Damages:  Conservation treatment:  Conservators: Clàudia Callau, Rita Udina.