Quality Control and a Method for the Drying of Flooded Archive Collections

Publications > Quality control and a method for the drying of flooded archive collections. The Case of the Municipal Archive of Barcelona (2013)

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  • Title: Quality Control and a Method for the Drying of Flooded Archive Collections: The Case of the Municipal Archive of Barcelona (2013).
  • Published in: Handbook of Research on Disaster Management and Contingency Planning in Modern Libraries. Emy Nelson Decker and Jennifer A. Townes, 436-465. Published online september 21, 2015 (paper 2016). doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-8624-3.ch019.
  • Author: Rita Udina.
  • Key words: Municipal Archive of Barcelona, flood, archive, climate, climate control, relative humidity, mould, quality control, drying out, airing, blotting paper, coated paper, photographs, safety, risk.
  • Abstract: This chapter is based on the very real experience of a flood in one of the repositories of Barcelona’s Municipal Archive, introducing a quality control methodology for the air-drying of wet documents. It is a simple monitoring system that allows you to quantify the degree of drying during treatment. The data derived from it will help reduce intervention to a minimum, optimizing resources, reducing losses and minimising the risk of mould formation. Disaster Plans include many possible scenarios. Because of their vast scope they cannot contain detailed practical information that would be helpful for those who have to intervene. All the steps of the process are reported here, from the choice of the most suitable methodology (forced airing through plastic mesh ventilation) to the completed stabilization of the holdings. The goal is to inform the reader of the measures adopted at each stage, providing practical advice.
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