Article Unicum #14: Study of Books Structures and Intervention Proposals

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  • Title: Study of Books Structures and Intervention Proposals (“La unió fa la força? Estudi de la consistència de les estructures de llibres i propostes d’intervenció”).
  • Published in: Unicum, issue #14 (july, 2015). Pages 63-86 (catalan) and 199-210 (spanish). Ed. ESCRBCC (Barcelona).  Legal dep.: B-16094-2002, ISSN:1579-3613. Download it here.
  • Author: Rita Udina.
  • Key words: book, bookbinding, sewing, spine, structure, archaeology of bookbinding.
  • Abstract: Books are structurally complex objects. In order to provide a good restoration diagnosis it is necessary to differenciate between damage intrinsic to their production and other causes. This article examines some of the most widely known structures, assessing their strengths and weaknesse in accordance with the following considerations: sewing, adhesion, articulation and proportion. Finally, three restoration cases which demonstrate the aforementioned ideas are presented.


The article includes:

  • Description for the most well known bookbinding structures along history, with illustrations.
  • Frequent damages on book structures.
  • Intervention proposal for common degradations in bindings.